Custom Home Theater Design

Whether it is for a project as simple as installing a flat screen television on the wall, a projector on the ceiling or to fulfill your dream to have your own home theatre room, our team will help you carry through your audio-video projects for the house or the office. We are authorized dealers for various brands and models of home theatre equipment such as high-definition projectors, receivers, DVD players, televisions and loudspeakers. We offer complete turnkey solutions by offering advice and quality products according to your budget.


Today, people tend to underestimate the importance of good sound: it weighs in more than 50% in your overall movie or sports experience. Don’t buy a gorgeous big 4K/HDR TV and then use the TV speakers for sound! There are new Immersive Technologies available that will transform your experience. It is object based 3D sound that enables sound Engineers to decide where in the room they want to have the sound. You have to try this in demo to really feel it. Experience Dolby ATMOS before you decide on sound for your new Home Theater! If there are limitations installing in-wall/ceiling speakers than a high quality soundbar and a wireless subwoofer will do magic. There is a solution for every room and budget


Take a minute to think about lighting. Wouldn’t it be great if your lights dim down automatically when you press play? And even better: come back to a brighter setting once you press pause? This is easy to incorporate with a home automation system that will also bring a lot of other benefits. With new LED low voltage lighting you can also take control of Colors and Color Temperature to set the right mood depending on what you are watching.

Digital Cinema Design & Acoustics

The latest in Major Motion Picture Movie Exhibition utilizing the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications used in Movie Theaters, Screening Rooms, and Hollywood Post Production Studios. Our team of specialists insures the Ultimate Cinema AV Performance combined with Acoustical Engineered Interior Design that best fits the home owners lifestyle. 4K Digital Cinema Server & 4K Digital Image Processing


4K/UHD is sold everywhere and it will enable you to install larger screens at a shorter Viewing Distance, e.g. for a 65” 4K TV you can get as close as 51” before you will be able to see individual pixels. This doesn’t mean you have to move your couch closer to the TV – it can stay where it is – but you can get a much bigger screen with a 4K resolution. On the other hand from 102” Viewing distance you will not be able to tell the difference between a 65” 4K or 1080P TV.

Our servers and image processors provide the highest qualtiy in Major Motion Picture Movie playback of 4K/2K Resolution, DCI Color Space, 4:4:4, 12Bit Color Depth, and Immersive Audio Surround decoding. Home owners can now play Digital Cinema Movies at the same level as the best Commerical Theaters. Our system is design with the latest in surround sound technology used in Commerical Theaters for the Ultimate Immersice Audio Experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Something you might hear and it is important, actually more important than the resolution. Dynamic Range describes the Contrast Ratio of your screen, defined as the numeric ratio of the highest and lowest luminance levels simultaneously present within an image. The human eye experiences detail through this contrast so HDR represents a dramatic improvement in picture quality

Our system is design with the latest in surround sound technology used in Commerical Theaters for the Ultimate Immersice Audio Experience.


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