Imax Private Theatre

"Visionaries Welcome"
In a world where time spent in the company of friends and family can be the greatest luxury of all, IMAX Private Theatre™ brings the ultimate entertainment experience into your home.
"IMAX Private Theatre™ is an unprecedented multi-media space made
exclusively by the visionaries at IMAX, for visionaries like you."
At its core is the DNA of IMAX’s technological innovation and theatrical expertise — an unparalleled audio and visual experience that enhances your enjoyment with sharper images, a wider, truer color spectrum and enveloping sound and breathtaking visual effects. IMAX Private Theatre™ is the world’s first turn-key home entertainment system from a single source, offering a complete audio-visual package including user-friendly control system, optimal performance ensured by 24/7 system monitoring, and dedicated services and support. For the first time IMAX Private Theatre™ offers entertainment lovers the immersive IMAX® experience in the comfort of their own home, and supports multi-media functions including high-definition TV, Blu-ray™, DVD, CD, gaming and karaoke. IMAX Private Theatre™ delivers a simply awe-inspiring IMAX® caliber entertainment experience to you, and those special to you.

The IMAX® Legacy

Putting the magic into movies for more than half a century

A global leader and curator of film and entertainment experiences, IMAX theatres are designed with advanced patented technology.
architecture and equipment brought to moviegoers in over one thousand theatres in more than sixty countries.


Strong Heritage

For more than fifty years, IMAX has been making
movies bigger and better. From our documentary roots to the
biggest Hollywood blockbusters, we’ve evolved with the times
while staying true to our heritage and corporate mission.


Unique Positioning

No competitor offers what we do in the entertainment ecosystem. Top filmmakers and studios use IMAX® theatres to connect with audiences in extraordinary ways. Our network is among the most important and successful theatrical distribution platforms for major event films around the globe, and now we are bringing the IMAXt experience into private


Highest Quality Technology

Our proprietary technologies and architecture make IMAX<sup>®</sup> the most immersive movie experience in the world. From our projection system, to our sound system, to our theatre design, we’ve set rigorous standards and technical requirements to ensure the highest quality.

End To End Solution

From pre-production to post-production, we work tirelessly on location and in the editing room with the director and technical teams of each film. We plan the shoot, re-mix the sound, and endlessly adjust virtually every frame using our proprietary DMR enhancement process.

The IMAX Private Theatre™ Collection



As the ultimate home theatre experience, IMAX Private Theatre Platinum™ conveys a true sense of style and purpose on a grand scale that can host 20 to 40 seats.

*Space Requirement: 80–150 m²



IMAX Private Theatre Palais™ brings the immersive experience of IMAX to medium-sized home entertainment spaces for close family and friends.

*Space Requirement: 45-70 m²



IMAX Private Theatre Prestige™ offers the perfect entertainment solution for enhancing the versatility of your private entertainment space for up to 9 people.

*Space Requirement: 20-40 m²



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